Press Release

Press Release

Keisha Dixon is a disabled combat veteran that served eight-year in the military, certified Family Peer Support Specialist, successful speaker, a dedicated business owner, and bestselling author. She continues to share her inspiration and knowledge with fellow veterans adjusting to life after war.   
"There is no rule book. There is no training manual to help you deal with what's around that next corner of your life. But this is an opportunity. This is your chance because there is life after deployment. You may face challenges and difficulties in trying to readjust to your family, your living situation, your financial situation, and just trying to find that balance to find yourself and who you are in the whole scenario. Take this as an opportunity to be the best version of yourself."- Keisha Dixon
In her book, "Life After War: Yes You Can", Keisha offers the encouragement and advice the audience is searching for when coming home. Diving through the heartache and struggles, you will be motivated and inspired by the success and triumph Keisha has found. This book offers the tools you need to find peace and happiness and truly thrive in your life.  


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Wonderful, enjoyed the relatable and real life situation in the book. Positive and encouraging book on how you too can be an overcomer.


This is a wonderful, inspiring story that is told in a very personal, genuine, heartfelt, emotional, and compelling way. Her story will resonate with all moms, particularly those in the military. This is one of a few books that I have kept in my personal library for sources of inspiration and encouragement. I would love to read a part 2 of Ms. Dixon’s story in a future second book!

Clarisse Kresser

I really enjoyed reading Keisha Dixon’s Life After War, which relates a very powerful message in a concise easy to read piece. I recommend not just for anyone dealing with life after military service, but for any mom who needs strength and hope.

A Mommy

Took guts to let it all out there Keisha. Great message and way to put the positive spin on everything. We love you!

Richard Cardenas



For press inquiries, please contact Ms. Keisha Dixon at: or call 661-233-4606